Registration of trademarks in Belarus. Patenting.

BELPROFPATENT - reliable patent Bureau, which provides professional services for registration of trademarks in Belarus, patenting of intellectual property.

Your interests are represented - KOVALEVA MARINA OLEGOVNA, patent attorney of the Republic of Belarus, registration No. 107. 

Kovaleva Marina Olegovna - qualified and experienced specialist you trust! It guarantees reliability and professionalism, responsibility and efficiency in solving each question!

Professionalism Kovaleva Marina is confirmed by the certificate of registration as a patent attorney. Experience in the field of intellectual property for over 9 years.

- Belarusian state University of transport, 2002 - 2007 the specialty "Organization of transportations and management on railway transport", qualification "engineer".
- Belarusian national technical University, 2014 – 2015 specialty "intellectual property Management", qualification "specialist in the management of intellectual property".

Our services:
registration of trademarks in the Republic of Belarus and abroad;
-international trademark registration under the Madrid system;
-patenting of inventions, useful models, industrial samples;
-licensing of intellectual property;
-challenging refusal decisions;
-pre-trial settlement of disputes;
-representation in Appeals Board;
-extension of terms of registration of IP objects;
-changes to objects;
-patent searches and analysis of the object patentability;
-other on request.

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UNP 491079703 

BELPROFPATENT – Your reliable partner in the protection of intellectual property!